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Nachi America, Inc. (Member Type: Manufacturer)

(Hydraulic Division)
715 Pushville Road
Greenwood, IN 46143-9782

Phone: (800) 622-4410
Fax: (317) 530-1015

Product Contact: Keith Adams Mobile Sales Manager
Product Contact: Yoshi Matsushima Engineer

Nachi America, Inc. (Hydraulic Group) is a supplier of pumps, directional control valves, modular valves and logic valves, as well as other hydraulic components.

Nass Controls (Member Type: Manufacturer)

51509 Birch
New Baltimore, MI 48047

Phone: (586) 725-6610
Fax: (586) 725-5802

Product Contact: James Rosenbury Sales & Marketing Manager
Product Contact: Randy Bennett Vice President

Nass controls is a provider of solenoid operators and pilots for pneumatic valves and electrical connectors for pneumatic and hydraulic valves.

National Filters, Inc. (Member Type: Supplier)

360 Industrial Parkway
Harbor Beach, MI 48441

Phone: (989) 479-3273
Fax: (989) 479-3251

Product Contact: Todd Raines President

National Filters manufactures hydraulic filter elements, fuel filters, air filters, diesel air filters, marine diesel oil and air dust collection filters as specialty parts from our customers specifications.

National Tube Supply Company (Member Type: Supplier)

925 Central Avenue
University Park, IL 60484

Phone: (708) 534-2700
Toll free: (800) 229-6872
Fax: (708) 534-0200

Product Contact: Jim Manser Manager Inside Sales

National Tube Supply Company is a supplier of HFS, CDSM, and DOM tubular products as well as Chrome Shafting. They supply cut-to-length and production cutting/end finishing. National also offers value added services to their tubular products including Boring, Honing, Machining, Fabricating, Grinding, and Chrome Plating.

Newton Manufacturing Co. (Member Type: Manufacturer)

4249 Delemere Blvd
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Phone: (248) 549-9600
Fax: (248) 549-9137

Product Contact: Noel Cook, P.E. President

Newton Manufacturing specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and hydrostatic systems. Products include electronic controls for hydrostatic drives, vibration isolation mounts and pump foot mount brackets.

Niagara LaSalle Corporation (Member Type: Manufacturer)

Niagara LaSalle Fluid Power Division
1412 150th Street
Hammond, IN 46327-1743

Phone: (219) 853-6780
Toll free: (800) 262-2558
Fax: (219) 853-6788

Product Contact: Dean Duncan General Manager

Niagara LaSalle Corporation
9301 King Avenue
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Phone: (847) 349-5260
Fax: (847) 678-4761

LaSalle Fluid Power Operations is a producer of chrome-plated and induction-hardened, chrome-plated steel bars and tubes for use as hydraulic and pneumatic piston rods furnished in long lengths, specified multiple lengths and cut-to-length machined ends.

Nimco Hydraulic Systems (Member Type: Manufacturer)

PO Box 862
Racine, WI 53401-0862

Phone: (262) 884-0950
Fax: (262) 886-1129

Nimco develops, manufactures and markets directional hydraulic control valves for open center and closed center flow sharing systems which can be manually, hydraulically, or electro-hydraulically controlled as on/off or proportional valves. All hydraulic valves can be controlled with Nimco's EasyProg software which also has the ability to control all other components in a hydraulic system with any of Nimco's Electrical Joysticks and/or Wireless Control Units. Hydraulics and Cable Controllers are also available. Other products include: electrical 6/2, 8/2 circuit selector valves; proportional flow control valves; and over center valves.

NitroSteel LLC (Member Type: Supplier)

NitroSteel (Pleasant Praire Facility)
9955 - 80th Avenue
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Toll free: (800) 997-0441
Fax: (262) 947-0881

NitroSteel LLC produces wear and corrosion resistant bars and tubes for use as hydraulic piston rods and pneumatic cylinder barrels--specifically NitroSteel. Using a patented furnace treatment, NitroSteel products give cylinder makers an alternative to hard chrome plating.

North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) (Member Type: Distributor)

NAHI Division
11539 Sun Belt Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: (225) 751-0500
Fax: (225) 751-0610

Product Contact: Dwayne Persac Sales Manager
Product Contact: Toby Miller Applications Manager
Product Contact: Matt Babin Operations Manager
Product Contact: Brenda Dooley Purchasing / CSR

North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) is a distributor of rotary power drives and hydrostatic components throughout North America providing Inventory and Service. NA distributes high performance high quality products such as radial piston wheel motors, planetary gearboxes, track and hoist drives, axial and radial piston motors, hydraulic pumps and hydrostatic transmissions.

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