Fluid Power Applications

Together, hydraulics and pneumatics are known as fluid power. Fluid power is a partner in an evolving high technology alliance that provides the world with unprecedented control of force, torque, position and motion.

The combination of fluid power systems with advanced electronics adds control and flexibility to the strength of hydraulics and the speed of pneumatics. These 23 application examples show some typical applications for this technology. The examples, though simplified for clarity, are based on real applications.

As you read each one, you will learn why fluid power was chosen as a power source (whether it be hydraulic or pneumatic), and which categories of electronic sensing and control were central to the design. The applications are organized around four motion control categories—force, position, velocity and acceleration—all typical output requirements of a vehicle, machine or system.

Each application is also linked to NFPA's Fluid Power Product Locator. This locator, with its links to NFPA's manufacturing members, will facilitate your exploration into the world of fluid power.

In addition to the applications below, see the latest Case Studies of Applications Utilizing Pneumatic and Hydraulic Technology.

The following applications are in PDF format:

Electrohydraulics*  Electropneumatics* Pneumatics Automation at Work*
Anti-stall control for hydrostatic drive Multiple welding machine Assembly
Concrete saw Paint spray system Broaching
Airframe tester Pneumatic torquer for engine bolts Clamping
Missile pump test Well-digger brake Drilling
Hitch control for a tractor Stapler test Facing
Plastic injection molding Tension control of a paper web Loading
Jackknife carloader Component inserter  
Flying cutoff shear    
Flight simulator    
Rough terrain forklift    

*To view the applications you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The software is free; go to Adobe's web site to download the reader.